Cascade Loop National Scenic Byway



About Us

Explore Anacortes than continue your adventure on The Cascade Loop Scenic Highway. The Cascade Loop is a 440 mile Scenic Byway that flows from Anacortes East into the Skagit Valley on the North Cascades Highway 20 or South onto Whidbey Island. The Cascade Loop is a spectacular route that incompasses glacier-clad mountains, salt-water beaches, high-desert vistas, pristine lakes and unique towns. We have watchable wildlife, white-water rafting, eagle-watching floats and whale watching cruises, candy factory tours, fresh fruitstands, wineries, a Bavarian Village, a Lakeside resort, an old-western town and just about the best and most scenery you can enjoy in one route. Come join us for a drive you'll remember and scenery you can't forget! Call or e-mail us for a free 68-page Travel Planner.


  • 440 mile State Scenic Byway with Spectacular Scenery & well-maintained roads
  • Accessible, watchable wildlife - eagles, whales, snow geese...& more
  • Quaint towns with world-class accommodations
  • Spectacular scenery from the highway and from paths & lookouts
  • Factory tours, antiques, fresh fruit stands, farmers markets, wineries