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At The Store in Anacortes you will find an Espresso Bar, Bakery, Deli, Wine Shop and Grocery.

There is a cozy dining room to sit and read the paper, have a Muffin from the Bakery, or a light breakfast from the Deli, and/or enjoy an Espresso style coffee from the Espresso Bar or a self-serve cup of coffee in the morning.
The Bakery has a large selection of Muffins, Cookies and other Pastries baked daily. The Bakery also features their own line of fresh baked Artisan style breads.

At lunch we serve Deli style sandwiches, soups, and salads. You can
review the Deli Menu at This is a wonderful place to meet and have a quiet and tasty lunch in the old world style with a glass of wine or a soft drink.

The Wine Shop at The Store has an exceptional selection of wines from
around the world at reasonable prices. We have what we consider a boutique wine shop, which you might say is more intimate and friendly as well as wine savvy. The Wine Shop selection is driven by the owner's, Frank Michaud, palate and he feels confident in the Store's presentation. There is an excellent selection of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia wines, as well as Californian, European and South American wines. If there are any questions about the wines or wine pairings Frank would love to assist you.

The Store offers coffees from all over the globe Sumatra, Africa, South America, Mexico and beyond. The coffees are roasted 1lb at a time, allowing unparalleled attention to customize the roasting.


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