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Everything we do at Wellness for Life is about helping you feel the best you ever have! We want you to get up every day, excited about life and full of energy.

While we will look at diagnostics such as labs and imaging to help with your specific diagnosis, we believe that what you tell us is equally important. In other words, if your labs are perfect, but you feel like something just is not right, we have more work to do.

Additionally, our passion is to get to the root cause of what is happening with you. We do not prescribe medications to cover the symptoms but dig deep to find out what is causing the symptoms and work with you to fix that.

We offer everything to make you feel great on the inside: Primary Care, Hormone balancing, IV therapy, Thyroid, Medically Managed Weight Loss, Thyroid care, Chronic pain/inflammatory conditions, B-12 shots AND some things to make you look great on the outside: Botox, Filler!


Our amazing aesthetic RN!
Fun on the rooftop of the Majestic!
We are so excited to be downtown!
We are proud to offer Botox!
And very excited to offer all the fillers from the Juvaderm family!
Our hormone optimization partner!